TESLA Batteries

by ATW

TESLA BATTERIES manufactures and supplies batteries for everyday use in portable & home appliances. They are indispensable in the household, in administration, in electrical engineering devices and medical equipment.

ATW official reseller in UK & Ireland since 2022 from TESLA Holding a.s.Poděbradská 56/186, Praha 9 - Hloubětín, 180 66, Czechia.



A visionary Vodka. Our expression of the highest respect for man of the millennium Chinggis Khan and Mongolia, a brand defined by our wealth of natural resources, culture, and traditions. 

  • • Crafted in the original distillery of the last emperor’s palace 
  • • Pure spring water from Bogd Khan Mountains, formed over 800 thousand years ago 
  • • Finest organic wheat from Mongolian steppes in the Selenge province 
  • • Six step distillation from alpha grade spirit 
  • • Filtered for uncompromising purity over 10 days, using precious natural resources: charcoal, quartz, pearls, diamonds, and silver 
  • • Silky texture with floral overtones of lavender and hint of creamy aniseed 

Class/Type: Vodka 

SKU: 100cl, 70cl, 

ABV: 40.0% Alc./Vol.